Micropore Tape

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Micropore Tape

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Micropore tape is an essential supply for gourmet mushroom cultivation. It’s every mycologist’s best friend! It has a plethora of helpful uses from patching puncture holes after inoculation to labeling grain bags and jars. Its main purpose is to regulate air exchange by allowing fresh air to flow in while also filtering out contaminants. 

The micropore tape itself is highly breathable. It allows fresh air exchange while also acting as a filter patch. For this reason, it is commonly used for patching up any holes in grain & substrate bags or for closing large holes on monotubs. It is also pressure cooker safe which makes it ideal for sealing grain & substrate bags while pressure cooking them. Plus, the tape will remain adhesive, even when wet or moist which is a huge bonus when working with mushrooms! Finally, it leaves minimal adhesive residue when you remove it which is how it is also useful for labeling. 

Each roll is 1 inch wide and contains 10 yards of tape.

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  1. Jose Ortiz

    Great tape as you would expect

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