18 Gauge Blunt Tipped Needle




18g Blunt Tipped Needle


Not to be used for skin injections! 

18g Blunt Tipped Needle Information

These needles are sterile and individually sealed. They are used dropping controlled amounts of water onto a microscopy slide or for injecting gourmet liquid cultures into spawnEach spore or liquid culture syringe you order will already come with it’s own sterile needle, however we have them available in case you need extras! The needles are precision glide which means they are perfect for transferring precise amount of fluids. This precision makes microscopy and mycology work so much easier! 

  • 18 gauge needle
  • Blunt tipped with a 45° bevel
  • 1.5 inch needle length
  • Has a luer hub which allows them to fit almost any luer lock syringe
  • Each needle is sterile and in an individual package
  • Latex free

Includes 1 needle!


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