10ml Sterile Syringe w/ needle


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10ml Sterile Syringe w/ Needle


Not to be used for skin injections!

Product Information

If you’re looking to make your own spore or liquid culture syringes at home, then you will definitely need to stock up on some empty syringes! But don’t worry, we got you covered. These syringes are individually sealed and sterilized. They are perfect for dropping controlled amounts of spore solution onto a microscope slide or inoculating exact measurements of gourmet liquid cultures into spawn. 

The syringes are luer slip and each one also comes with a standard 18g needle that is sterile and already attached to the syringe. The needle includes a safety cover that should stay on at all times when the syringe is not being used. Intervals of half a CC/milliliter are printed on the side for precise measurements. 

It includes 1 syringe and 1 needle. We also have extra syringe caps available for purchase if you would like to store your syringes long term.


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