Blank & Sterile Swab Packs


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Blank & Sterile Swab Packs

Product Information

This product includes one pack of lab quality blank, sealed, and sterile swabs (there are 2 swabs in each pack). They are great tools for collecting and storing spore samples. You can use them to swab spores from a print. Or for species that don’t drop prints or produce very little spores, you can use these blank swabs to collect the spores directly from the gills. Plus, spores that are collected on swabs can be safely stored for multiple years for future research.

The swabs themselves are sealed, sterile, and do not have any spores on them yet. They have tightly wound, highly absorbent cotton tips that make them excellent at collecting spore samples. The handles are 6 inches long and are made of wood. These are definitely good to have on hand for any sort of spore research, especially if you are foraging mushrooms directly from nature!


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