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Growing Basics

How to use agar Agar is a great tool for many mycological purposes and offers unique and essential benefits.  If you are wondering what I’m referring to when I say agar, I am talking about nutrient rich gelatin used to cultivate a colony or “culture” of microbes...

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Making LC’s

How to make Liquid Culture Solution W/ Karo Materials:     - Clean Pint Jar    -  Canning jar lid with breathing port      - Karo Syrup    -  Pot of boiling water     - Magnetic stirring rod and stirrer     - Measuring beakers     - Distilled water Pressure cooker...

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Making Syringes

How to make at home spore syringes Materials required: Spores that can be scraped typically - a spore print or a partial print A shot glass Timer Scalpel  Pressure Cooker Stove pot (only if you have no pressure cooker) Boiling water (only if you have no pressure...

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