Frequently Asked Questions


How to contact me?

You can contact us via E-mail or leave us a phone message. For email please put your name in the subject line and send to

Follow us on Twitter @SonoranSpores


Can I pick up an order?

Sadly at the moment we do not have a store front or a physical location for pick up deliveries.  We get great postal deals and times for domestic (US) shipping, as well as international deliveries.


I placed an order but didn’t get a confirmation message/email:

You will not received a confirmation email once you put your order through. You must email us at with the name used on the order, the order number, and your preferred payment method so we can get a payment request or invoice sent your way to complete the transaction. Once the payment is received the order will be moved to processed.


I placed an order but don’t see an order number:

If you placed your order on mobile the site doesn’t show the order number, but there is still a number associated with your order! Once you’ve email us with your preferred payment method we can also give you the order number.


Current Accepted Payment methods:

  • Credit/debit: This option is done through secure invoicing meaning your private information will remain secure and private (we will not have access to it). To pay with debit/credit card we must send you a manual invoice so just shoot us an email at to get one sent your way!
  • Apple Pay: Please email us the phone number associated with your Apple Pay and we will send you a payment request with the order number included in the message as well. 
  • Zelle: Please email us the phone number or email as well as the name associated with your Zelle account and we will send you a payment request with the order number on the memo line.
  • Cryptocurrency: We can accept many popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others! Please email us with your preferred currency and we will provide you with our wallet code via email. 

Can I mail cash?

We prefer you use a USPS money order made out to: Troy Brown. This can prevent postal theft of your cash, regardless we do accept cash via mail.  Either method you choose we also highly reccomend you ship via “certified mail” to ensure you get a tracking number.  This can further lessen the chances of envelope getting lost as if you payment is never delivered we cannot ship your order. Never had someone lose their cash before but I personally have lost prints when not shipped tracked but with tracking less than 1 in 1000 chance it will be lost. 

How can I order via Mail-in?

You can check out on your order as normal just note your full name used during check out or your order number. It will give you the final total for your order please write that down on a piece of paper next to your full name. When checking out when it asks if there’s any comments you wish to leave just place “mail in order” and your set! For any other questions please feel free to reach out at our customer support email

You can place your cash or USPS money order along with your essential order information inside an envelope and address it:

Sonoran Spores

6045 W Chandler Blvd STE 13-203

Chandler, AZ 85226-3454

When should I expect my package to ship?

Depending on the items your package can ship the next day or in 5 business days if it’s a “made to order” item.  If its an item in stock than it should go out the following business day, however sometimes we do get a large influx of orders and a strain we carry may get sold out.  Rest assured we constantly make new syringes to keep products as fresh as possible, and replacements will be made within 48 hours.  For this reason it is rare but may take up to 3 business days to ship.

It’s worth noting gourmet wedges can take up to 2 weeks as they are cut fresh from a live culture to maximize longevity.   


How long will my package take to arrive?

For domestic packages (US) our average time is 3-5 days there are many cases of 2 day shipping so be sure to check the tracking if your eager!  You can choose to pay for quicker shipping which would be $8 priority USPS and is 2-3 day shipping. 

For international orders check that it is a legal place that we ship to, if you’re in Canada usual time is 2 weeks and rest of the world is 2-4 weeks although sometimes customs likes to take their sweet time.  We have very great success with shipping internationally, however, if you place an international order you are taking on the risk of the package getting misplaced or held up at customs.


What do I do if my tracking number isn’t working?

Sometimes USPS gets very swamped and can miss a package scan and it wont update at all until it randomly shows up on your door.  There’s nothing anybody can do about this unfortunately as it is just the nature of mailing things.  


How should I store my samples?

Well it depends on what samples you have in particular.  If your samples are gourmet wedges or LC, it is best to research what temperatures your species can survive in.  Some cultures can die in the fridge although most will be fine and just slow down, making it ideal for long term storage.  

If your samples are spores of some sort they will be less finicky.  You can store spores in the fridge and keep them away from direct light. Spore samples have been recorded as lasting up to 10 years in this condition and could be much longer.

How do we make our spore solution

Selecting prints- we begin our process by selecting the highest-grade spore prints

Instead of counting how many prints we add to the solution, we base it off of how many spores actually go into the solution. The reasoning behind this is not all spore prints are created equally, prints vary greatly in size and actual spore count, so measuring the number of spore prints going in instead of actual spores can lead to inconsistent spore samples. Another way prints can contrast each other is the fact that spores on some prints are more readily homogenized than others- meaning some spores are easier to break apart while others like to clump together. Why is this important to know? Because it can make the spore syringes look very different from each other. Syringes that have spores that are easily broken apart will have spores that are harder if not impossible to see with the naked eye while syringes with clumpy spores will appear to have larger, more visible spores. However, one will not necessarily work better than the other, it just means that one had spores that were easier to break up or homogenize in the solution than the other. 

Homogenizing the solution

Homogenizing spore solution is the process of stirring spore solution at a rate that breaks apart and evenly distributes spores into the solution.  Some spore clumps really don’t want to break up, proving to be more difficult than other solutions that almost do it without spinning.  Both these spore syringe types work perfectly fine its just the nature of dealing with spores.  For visual representation please watch the homogenizing video.

Homogenizing- For reference sake when we mention the term homogenizing, we are referring to the process of stirring spore solution at a rate that breaks apart and evenly distributed the spore clumps that are scraped from the print.  The key to the correct spore solution is found through many trail and errors. This technique is used on every spore solution below is a video of how this process looks for a visual representation

How small are spores?

Most our spores range in size from 11-17 X 8-11 micrometers (µm) which is one millionth of a meter.  It’s important to keep in mind spores are about 1/10 the diameter as the tip of hair.  It takes thousands of spores clumped together before a tiny spec can be seen with your eye.  This is crucial to note as despite not being able to see spores in every single drop, we load the solution with so many spores each drop is still more than viable.

Why isn’t my syringe black or purple?

The prints that we source are as clean as they come with many precautions taken to prevent as many contaminants as possible, such as always working in front of a flow hood. However, there are still factors that you can never control or prevent. For example, it is important to note that taking a spore print can never be 100 percent sterile because the fruiting bodies themselves can never be sterile by nature (although some are more sterile than others). This fact alone is why overloaded, or “black” syringes can very much be a bad thing. This is because if spores can never be 100% sterile, then the more spores you add to the solution the higher the chance you are also introducing a contaminant.  People have also documented buying extremely dark syringes near black with thousands of spore clumps in them, just to evaluate the sample under a microscope and find what looked like activated charcoal, not even close to spores.  Dark syringes are a marketing gimmick, and we believe our customers would rather have a quality product than a marketing gimmick.