T.A.T. Genetics

Sonoran Spores TAT Mushrooms

New Mushroom Genetics

TAT mushrooms genetics are a new and exciting addition to the mycology community. It starts with a mycologist by the name of Jik Fibs who noticed an albino mutation in a group of Golden Teachers. Jik then isolated and stabilizedĀ  the genetics. We now know this first mushroom as “OG T.A.T.” From here he would create the group “TAT Syndicate,” where trusted mycologists would continue to release other new genetics. The TAT spore swabs we have for sale only get exposure to clean lab environments and sterilized materials. This is especially important because collecting spores from these mushrooms is difficult, so each swab is precious.

TAT Swab Packaging

Here at Sonoran Spores efficient shipping and discrete packaging is important. You don’t have to worry about others seeing where your package is from. This is because all our TAT swabs get placed in plain envelopes. We do not openly display our company name or logo anywhere on the outside of the packaging. We also ensure ordering packages from us is easy, fast and friendly. Checking out is straightforward and simple. And if you want your TAT spore swabs fast, we can do that! We have multiple check out options to accommodate all needs. They ship as soon as the next day. All packages get tracking numbers so you can receive your order as soon as it hits your door. Our TAT swab(s) packaging is discrete to ensure your privacy. Please read all disclaimers and instructions. Sonoran Spores is happy to hear and help with any questions.

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