Sonoran Spores Cubensis Syringes

Lab Quality Cubensis Spores

Sonoran spores takes pride in the way we create and handle cubensis spore syringes. Multi spore syringes have rose to be one of the easiest ways to research Cubensis spores. Sonoran Spores makes sure that your research goes unhindered by eliminating any contaminates. We make all cubensis syringes using pre-sterilized materials in a professional lab setting. Each psilocybe syringe is then filled with hundreds of thousands of microscopic spores. We do this so you don’t hassle with trying to find results under the microscope. So this means you can spend more of your time doing mycology! There’s a vast number of mushroom syringes to choose from in our library. Ranging from the most popular like Golden Teachers and B+, to some lesser known varieties like White Tail Feathers and Red Boys. Sonoran Spores quality doesn’t stop at lab grade cubensis syringes, it also extends to our shipping and discrete packaging.

Psilocybe Syringe Packaging

Here at Sonoran Spores efficient shipping and discrete packaging is important. You don’t have to worry about others seeing where your package is from. This is because all our syringes get placed in plain envelopes. We also do not openly display our company name or logo anywhere on the outside of the packaging. We ensure ordering packages from us is easy, fast and friendly. Checking out is straightforward and simple. And if you want your cubensis spore syringes fast, we can do that! We have multiple check out options to accommodate all needs. They ship as soon as the next day. All packages get tracking numbers so you can receive your order as soon as it hits your door. Our Psilocybe syringe(s) packaging is discrete to ensure your privacy. Please read all disclaimers and instructions. Sonoran Spores is happy to hear and help with any questions!

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