Chestnut Plate

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Chestnut Agar Plate

Pholiota adiposa

Chestnut Information

Chestnut mushrooms are a hardwood loving species that can be found growing in North America, Europe, and northern Asia. Chestnuts also go by the common names Cinnamon Cap and Fat Pholiota. When foraging, they’re most commonly found growing off of beech trees. While they’re mostly saprophytic (meaning they prefer dead wood), they have also been observed having parasitic relationships on the live bark of beech, aspens, and maple. However, they do better on dead wood.

Chestnut mushrooms have been foraged for centuries in Japan as a food source. It’s also a favored gourmet species in Europe. In more recent years, they’ve become heavily cultivated in China and are commonly regarded as the “magic mushroom of China” (although they DO NOT contain any psychoactive compounds). Cultivation wise, Chestnuts are becoming more popular in the US. 

Why Grow Your Own Chestnut Mushrooms?

Health Benefits

  • Dense source of many vitamins & minerals
  • Vitamins B2 (more than most garden veggies), B3, & B5
  • Anti tumor, anti inflammatory, anti fungal
  • Studies show they can slow the progression of osteoporosis!

Flavor Profile

  • Characterized by its nutty flavor
  • Known to have a slightly sweet undertones
  • Richy and earthy aromas and flavors
  • Stays crunchy, even after being cooked

Popular Uses in Cooking

  • Can be made into delicious broths
  • Used to make flavorful crème sauces for pasta dishes
  • Notable addition to soups
  • Saute and add to salads

Growing Conditions

  • Colonization time: 4-6 weeks
  • Fruiting time: 10-14 days
  • Humidity: 85-90%
  • Temperature: 50-75°F

Why Buy Our Chestnut Agar Plates?

We strive to provide you with the cleanest possible products. We inoculate all of the Chestnut plates in front of Laminar Flow Hoods with HEPA filters. These HEPA filters have an efficiency rating of 99.97%. Meaning that the filter removes 99.97% of particles in the air.  

  • Colonized agar plates allow you to cultivate your own medicinal mushrooms at home!
  • Discreet packaging
  • Store at room temperature
  • Remains viable for ~6 months

Chestnut Agar Plate Contents

Each plate will come with:

  • 1 plate of healthy, uncontaminated Chestnut mycelium
  • 1 alcohol prep pad
  • 1 sticker (1 per order)

Additional information

Cultivation Levels

Advanced- This species is very difficult to grow and should only be cultivated if you have a lot of gourmet/medicinal mushroom cultivation experience. Prior research is recommended before cultivating this species.


Heavy Depositor- Mushrooms that deposit an immense amount of spores during maturity, billions of spores per fruit and sometimes trillons! This specimens will drop very heavy spore prints.


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