Chestnut Liquid Culture Kit



Chestnut aka Pholiota Adiposa: delicious edible mushroom that is commonly used for its crunchy texture (even after cooking) and it’s nutty flavor. Available in liquid cultures and wedges.

These have recently gained commercial notoriety from cultivators because of the high demand and large quantities of fruiting bodies they produce.  They have been known to colonize living and dead trees, making them both saprophytic and parasitic.  Grows very well using 50 percent hardwood sawdust, and 50 percent soy bean hulls

Liquid culture comes in 10cc syringes with a 18g blunt tipped needle.

Additional information

Cultivation Level

Intermediate- This species is generally not difficult to grow, but it is not recommended to cultivate this mushroom for your first time. Without past gourmet/medicinal cultivation experience, it may be more challenging but not impossible.


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