Velvet Foot (Enoki) Plate



Colonized agar plate of Velvet Foot (Enoki).

This Velvet Foot or Flammulina Velutipes is an Enoki variant that is more Heat Resistant meaning that cultivating can occur at higher temperatures than normal. This characteristic is combined with the same nutrients(high in vitamins, high in antioxidants, good for cholesterol, etc) and flavor that come in regular enoki but making it much easier to cultivate which is good for beginners.

Additional information

Cultivation Level

Intermediate- This species is generally not difficult to grow, but it is not recommended to cultivate this mushroom for your first time. Without past gourmet/medicinal cultivation experience, it may be more challenging but not impossible.


Light Depositor- Specimens that typically produce smaller caps and lighter prints, making spore collecting a bit harder but definitely not impossible.


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