P. Cubensis “Hillbilly” Swab Pack

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P. Cubensis Hillbilly Swab Pack


When buying P. Cubensis Hillbilly spores, be aware that they’re considered “active spores” which are for microscopy purposes only. DO NOT CONTACT US ABOUT ANYTHING REGARDING CULTIVATING OR GERMINATING HILLBILLY MUSHROOMS. 

Shipping is unavailable to California, Idaho, & Georgia. These 3 states strictly prohibit the possession of spores from psilocybin and psilocin producing mushroom species. Orders to these states are refused and voided. Any payments made for orders to CA, ID, or GA will incur a $5 cancellation fee. 

The provided images are for informational and educational purposes only and are used as a reference point only. Sonoran Spores acquires all spores and photos from outside, trusted sources in a legal manner. We do not condone or participate in the cultivation of psilocybin or psilocin producing mushroom species. 

When you buy Hillbilly swabs, spore visibility is dependent on the characteristics of the spores themselves. As a result, not all spore swabs will look the same visibly. Despite any visible differences, they’re still viable for microscopy research.

Hillbilly Mushroom Information

Hillbilly is a Cubensis variety that’s originally from Arkansas, USA. It was initially popular within the community in the early 2000s and then lost some of its luster. However, we have no idea why. The spores are very intriguing to study and the mycelium is strong and vigorous and it’s known to colonize quickly. 

Hillbilly spores are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity and are making a comeback of sorts. They’re great for researchers who are just beginning to work with swabs as it is a very forgiving strain while researching.

While specimens are distinct, they are typically rare to find while out foraging for them in the wild. The stems are extremely thick and have a very uneven texture. They’re comparable to a thick, old, twisted tree trunk; strong, gnarly, yet seemingly full of wisdom. 

The caps on the other hand, are typically golden in color, which contrast beautifully with the white/gray stems below. The tops flatten out and edges of the cap are curled or ruffled. Together, the flat caps and the gigantic stems bear a resemblance to Melmac TP. However, Hillbilly’s unusual cap shape makes it very difficult to collect spore prints from it, which is why it’s only available in our shop in swabs.

Why Buy Our Hillbilly Spores?

We strive to provide you with the cleanest possible products. We make and package the all Cubensis Hillbilly mushroom swabs in front of Laminar Flow Hoods with HEPA filters. These HEPA filters have an efficiency rating of 99.97%. Meaning that the filter removes 99.97% of particles in the air.

  • Ships next business day
  • Discreet packaging
  • Spore swabs remain viable for a few years
  • Store spore swabs in the fridge or a cool, dry place
  • Do not freeze

Microscopic Features

Hillbilly have dark purple to brown or black spores. They are subellipsoid (ellipse) in shape are present on 4-spored basidia. The caps can be diameter of 50+ mm and commonly have a curled or ruffled appearance. Because of the mutations present in the cap, its very difficult to collect spore prints from Hillbilly mushrooms which is why we only have them available in spore swabs. 

Hillbilly Swab Pack Contents

Each swab pack will include:

  • 2 sterile swabs of P. Cubensis Hillbilly
  • 1 alcohol prep pad
  • 1 sticker


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