Maitake Liquid Culture Syringe



Maitake also known by its scientific name and other nickname hen-of-the-woods, Grifola frondosa is  commercially cultivated but much harder to find at a grocery store which makes them popular for mycologist who like to grow their own food.

This mushroom is known for its earthy flavor and many medicinal benefits such as fighting tumors, stimulating your immune system and there’s some evidence it can lower your blood pressure!

Commonly found on decaying hardwood, and grown on hardwood logs indoors, or sawdust log bags. Stem is thick white and usually very firm branching out to a wavy polypore cap giving.

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Additional information

Cultivation Level

Advanced- This species is considered intermediate – difficult to grow and should only be cultivated if you have a lot of gourmet/medicinal mushroom cultivation experience. Prior research is recommended before cultivating this species.


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