Pioppino Liquid Culture Syringe



Pioppino Liquid Culture (10cc)

Agrocybe aegerita 

Pioppino Information

Pioppino is a mushroom you can find growing on decaying hardwood. It’s most commonly found fruiting on poplars, which is how it got its other common name, the Black Poplar Mushroom. However, they’re also known to fruit off of elms, chestnuts, and cottonwoods. 

This mushroom is native to East Asia and Europe, but it can also be foraged in North America. They do best in temperate climates, but of course you can grow them indoors almost anywhere! In fact, there’s an emerging market for cultivating Pioppino in Australia. 

Pioppini (plural of Pioppino) are incredibly popular in Italy, specifically the Campania region. There’s not many meals in this area that do not include the delicious Pioppino.

Why Grow Your Own Pioppino Mushrooms?

Health Benefits

  • Used for food and medicine since the ancient times of Romans & Greeks
  • Valuable source of Beta-D glucans (helps immune system fight off disease)
  • In Chinese traditional medicine, they’re used to support kidneys, stomach, & spleen

Flavor Profile

  • Has a nutty profile and can be slightly sweet
  • Has peppery undernotes which can add a nice flavor to many dishes
  • Their aroma is earthy and slightly floral
  • Firm and slightly crunchy texture. Often compared to the texture of cooked asparagus

Popular Uses in Cooking

  • Wonderful addition to most pasta dishes
  • Great in mushroom risottos
  • Saute and use as a steak topper
  • They take soups to the next level!

Growing Conditions

  • Colonization time: 2-4weeks
  • Fruiting time: 5-9 days
  • Humidity: 75-90%. Beneficial to create a humidity dome for this species
  • Temperature: 60-75°F (cooler the better)

Why Buy Our Pioppino Liquid Cultures?

We strive to provide you with the cleanest possible products. We make all of our Pioppino liquid cultures in front of Laminar Flow Hoods with HEPA filters that have an efficiency rating of 99.97%. The efficiency rating means that the filter removes 99.97% of particles in the air. All of our master cultures are tested on agar plates before sale to ensure there are no contaminates in the culture.

  • Liquid culture syringes allow you to cultivate your own medicinal mushrooms at home!
  • Discreet packaging
  • Store at room temperature
  • Remains viable for ~6 months

Pioppino Liquid Culture Syringe Contents

Each syringe will come with:

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