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11 reviews for San Pedro Cactus Review’s

  1. Sleeeeeeep

    I’m really happy with my entire experience dealing with Sonoran Spores. He kept his website updated when on vacation and dealing with flight delays and sent my order out extremely quickly. The cactus was quite healthy and accurately described. Definitely would order frome th again. Spore syringes came in a very pretty bag for storage in the fridge.

  2. James Farry

    I am a repeat Customer here to report repeat happiness, grateful for a business that delivers with superior quality as well as being fast and accurate. I purchased from another spore company, contamination nightmare, never buying from anyone but Sonoran Spores.

  3. Mark White

    I recently purchased 3 of the Pach Yowie x TPQC seedlings and a 14″ cutting of a Bridgesii and couldnt be happier with my purchase. These are my first my very first cacti and I’m excited to say the least. You guys were super quick to respond to my email about the cuttings and just as quick when it came to getting my order processed and on its way to me. I very much appreciate this promptness. They cacti are lovely and the price was just as nice so I wanna say thanks and you’ve definitely got a repeat customer in me. I’m considering what my next purchases will be right this minute.

  4. Rob

    Ordered 2 seedlings. Both were shipped promptly. Cacti arrived in healthy condition—roots were intact and healthy, and the cacti had a healthy green color too them. No yellowing or shriveling. Buy with confidence.

  5. Marina

    I’ve always had great success with Sonoran Spores. Very responsive, fast shipping, accurate descriptions, and even lovely packaging! I keep coming back because I don’t think I could get a better customer experience anywhere else.

  6. Amber

    I just got a seedling, well rooted and perfect. This is my second cactus order and the first was fabulous crested that I accidentally killed a few months later too close to cold window! Super fast shipping and awesome products thank you!

  7. BlingBling_Boy

    I’ve ordered two seedlings now and both of them arrived in beautiful condition, everything about Sonoran Spores is unmatchable. From the prices to the quality Sonoran Spores remains on top.

  8. Joe

    I appreciate Sonoran Spores and Troy for the excellent service and products they provide. I have learned with the orders that have been fulfilled and on 2 occasions where issues had come up, Sonoran Spores, namely Troy stepped up and resolved the issues with very quickly. I must say this is very important quality on Troy and Sonoran Spores to customer satisfaction. I am happy to state that I am a devoted customer due to this quality, and the quality of the many cactuses and other products I have purchased for a very good price on every sale that was complete. I am Present time making another order. Due to the Best experiences with Sonoran Spores and Troy !!

  9. Angela Ernst

    I got a San Pedro cactus with pup and I’m happy with my order. It arrived looking healthy and a month later it is doing great. I’ve been watching San Pedro Mastery videos on YouTube and I can’t wait to order my next cactus..

  10. papathunder1991@

    I have 3 seedlings that are just beautiful and shipped and packed safely. This a great company to do business with. I will be a customer 4life. #sonoranspore4theMVP

  11. Matthew

    I Bought a cactus from here a year ago arrived fast and in perfect condition I quickly planted it with no issues since then it has quadrupled in size I’ve also bought spires here a few times every time great results

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