Monster Dong Penis Envy Collection


To ensure the cleanest possible products, all of our Penis Envy spore swabs and syringes are made and packaged in front of Laminar Flow Hoods with HEPA filters (99.97% efficiency rating). The spore swabs are made by swabbing the spores directly and resealing the swabs in sterile packaging. The spore solution is made by mixing sterile distilled water and spores that were printed in Laminar Flow.


Monster Dong Penis Envy Collection


If you want to buy the Monster Dong Penis Envy syringe & swab Collection, be cautious as Penis Envy Genetics mushroom spores are “active spores” which are for microscopy or artistic purposes. We will not complete your order if you contact us regarding the cultivation of active spores. Similarly, for legal reasons if you mention cultivating active spores or ask for cultivating advice, you will be subsequently banned from the site.

These spores are from a species that produces psilocybin and psilocin. For legal reasons they can only ship to 47 out of the 50 United States. Shipping is unavailable to California, Idaho, and Georgia.

Sonoran Spores acquires these spores and photos from outside, trusted sources in a legal manner.  Further, Sonoran Spores does not condone or participate in the cultivation of psilocybin/psilocin producing or “active” species.  Sonoran Spores also does not have any mycelium or fruiting bodies of psilocybin and psilocin producing species.  We will not sell any products containing this so do not ask.

Spore Visibility Disclaimer: When you buy Penis Envy spore syringes and swabs, visibility is dependent on the characteristics of the spores themselves. As a result, not all spore swabs will look the same visually. All swabs are unique and may not look identical to each other or the picture above. Despite these visible differences, spore swabs are still viable for microscopy research.

Monster Dong Penis Envy Collection

Penis Envy spores are some of the most desired spores on the market. This makes the Monster Dong Penis Envy Collection great for researchers looking to add Penis Envy Genetics to their spore library. This is because it includes 1 of each Penis Envy varieties we have available. There is Penis Envy mushroom spores in both syringes and swabs when you order the pack. Making it great for both advanced microscopist who are looking to gather bulk penis envy spores, or novices looking to research Penis Envy mushrooms for the first time. 

Penis Envy has many variants, thus making difficult to gather them all. We help make this easier by offering all Penis Envy genetics we have; some of the most popular varieties and some of the more rare varieties. The more popular will be in syringes as their spores are more abundant/easier to obtain. While the swabs are for the rare mushrooms that are poor spore providers but still desired by researchers. Find out what makes Penis Envy so popular by researching all the varieties when you buy our Monster Dong Penis Envy Collection!

Each Monster Dong Penis Envy Collection will come with:

  1. Penis Envy 10cc syringe kit
  2. Penis Envy 6 10cc syringe kit
  3. Albino Penis Envy swab set
  4. Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy) swab set
  5. Melmac TP swab set
  6. Melmac Long Boy 10cc syringe kit
  7. Shepherd’s Penis Envy swab set

Why Buy Our Penis Envy Spore Swabs/Syringes?

We strive to provide you with the cleanest possible products. We make and package the all of the Penis Envy spore swabs/syringe solution in front of Laminar Flow Hoods with HEPA filters. These HEPA filters have an efficiency rating of 99.97%. Meaning that the filter removes 99.97% of particles in the air. To make the actual spore solution, we take clean spores and mix them with sterile distilled water. Then, a magnetic stirrer properly mixes the solution to ensure an even distribution of spores throughout the solution. 

  • Ships next business day
  • Discreet packaging
  • Spore swabs remain viable for a few years
  • Spore syringes remain viable for around 1 year
  • Store spore swabs in the fridge or a cool, dry place
  • Store spore syringes in fridge for best results
  • Do not freeze

Monster Dong Penis Envy Spore Collection Contents

The entire collection is $84.99 and will come with:

  • 2 swabs of each Albino Penis Envy, Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy), Melmac TP, and Shepherd’s Penis Envy
  • 1 10cc syringe of each Penis Envy, Penis Envy 6, and Melmac Long Boy
  • 1 alcohol prep pad
  • and 1 sticker (1 per order)


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