T. Bridgesii “KGC x SS02” Tip Graft


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T Bridgesii “KGC x SS02” Tip Graft


This cactus is for ornamental purposes only!

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Bridgesii Information

Trichocereus bridgesii (syn. Echinopsis lagenformis) or commonly known as “Bolivian Torch” is the fast growing species of columnar cacti that originates in Bolivia. Their natural habitat is drier and more desert like compared to San Pedro, meaning the Bolivian Torch does not need as much water as the San Pedro but can still grow almost as quickly.  Bolivian torches are highly sought after by ornamental cactus collectors around the world. They are coveted for their beautiful green/blue skin and bright yellow/golden spines, as well as their huge, white flowers. 

KGC stands for Killer Green Cactus and is a highly sought after Bridgesii cultivar for its beauty, among other things. 

SS02 is another extremely popular Bridgesii cultivar that came from the Sacred Succulents nursery. A noticeable characteristic of SS02 is that it typically has shorter spines than your average Bridgesii. 

This Specific Graft:

  • This scion is a tip graft of Bridgesii “KGC x SS02” that is a little more than 4 inches long. While it is a hybrid, both parents are Bridgesii so it is 100% T. Bridgesii. 
  • The root stock is a fully rooted piece of PC (PC is ~9in long)
  • The scion and graft stock are being sold together
  • Because the root stock is fully rooted, it will be ready to plant upon arrival. 
  • More photos available upon request
  • NOTE: The last image is from a more mature KGC x SS02 graft. It is for reference only to see what this graft will look like as it starts to grow, but it is not the graft you are purchasing


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