Enoki Plate



Agar plate of Enoki

Enoki mushroom also known as Flammulina Velutipes: known for containing antioxidants, vitimans and minerals. This makes it highly used and valued in Japanese and Chinese cuisine. It has been known to help hypertension, high cholesterol, stomach problems and much more. The taste is much less meaty than other mushrooms  and has been described as mild and earthy.

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Additional information

Cultivation Level

Intermediate- This species is generally not difficult to grow, but it is not recommended to cultivate this mushroom for your first time. Without past gourmet/medicinal cultivation experience, it may be more challenging but not impossible.


Heavy Depositor- Mushrooms that deposit an immense amount of spores during maturity, billions of spores per fruit and sometimes trillons! This specimens will drop very heavy spore prints.


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