Cinnabar Chanterelle Plate



Fully Colonized plate of Cinnabar-Red Chanterelle.

This is a very popularly foraged mushroom and is a classic Chanterelle. Although you cannot cultivate this mushroom like a normal gourmet mushroom, you can inoculate your yard with the mycelium to encourage fruits in the future. There are also many conservation efforts going on to keep this mushroom flourishing in the wild. They are a integral part of many forest ecosystems across North America as they create mycorrhizal partnerships with hardwood trees such as oaks, beech, and some aspens and hickory trees.

Additional information

Cultivation Levels

Advanced- This species is very difficult to grow and should only be cultivated if you have a lot of gourmet/medicinal mushroom cultivation experience. Prior research is recommended before cultivating this species.


Medium Depositor- Specimens that produce nice medium sized prints averaging around 50mm give or take 10mm. Spore deposits may vary but average will be a nice visible print containing hundreds of millions of spores.


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