How to make Liquid Culture Solution W/ Karo


    – Clean Pint Jar

   –  Canning jar lid with breathing port 

    – Karo Syrup

   –  Pot of boiling water

    – Magnetic stirring rod and stirrer

    – Measuring beakers

    – Distilled water

Pressure cooker capable of reaching 15 PSI

We will be making a nutrient rich water solution for live mycelium to colonize.  For this reason, inoculate under the same conditions as inoculating agar plates.  It is also highly recommended you use a 100 percent clean colonized agar wedge for inoculation.

    1.  Measure out 400ml of distilled water and add to the pint jar
    2.  Measure out 16ml (or 4% of the waters volume) of Karo syrup. Add this to the water. The water and Karo syrup will remain separate and that is completely normal. 
    3.  Add a magnetic stirring rod into the jar and close the jar. If you are preparing more than one jar, set the first one aside and prepare any remaining jars the same way.
    4.  Now set all jars in the boiling water which will allow the Karo syrup to dissolve into the distilled water.
    5.  Quickly take the warm jars and place them on your magnetic stirrer and turn it on. You can watch the Karo syrup dissolve into the distilled water, and once fully dissolved place into your pressure cooker.
    6.  Pressure cook at 15PSI for 20 minutes.  Be sure to watch your pressure cooker build pressure. You will need to start your timer as soon as the pressure cooker hits 15PSI.  You’ll want them to be cooking for as close to 20 minutes as possible; if you cook them for shorter, there is a chance that not all contaminants were killed off.  If you cook them  longer, you’ll overcook and caramelize the Karo,  which would render your solution useless.  As soon as the timer is finished, turn the stove off and allow to cool naturally overnight.  You have completed making your solution.  Congratulations!